ACP 2017 Thoughts

This post is a bit overdue.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the American College of Physicians annual conference in San Diego, California. Here’s a quick recap and thoughts on the event!

As always, a conference is a welcome respite from our day the day work. It’s fun to get away and see a different city. It’s also a nice way to reconnect with old colleagues and meet new ones. It’s also great for career development, refill and recharge that innate desire to learn and improve yourself. Looking back, I’m happy to say this year’s conference (#IM2017) accomplished all of these things.

There’s plenty of medical conferences to attend every year, and the decision to attend ACP came down to a few things. As an internist, ACP is our largest organization and supporting it, both financially and attendance was the sensible thing to do. The long term health of my field depends on ACP to not only teach us through educational programs, but also advocate for us. Internists in my humble, albeit biased opinion are the linchpins of a successful healthcare system that is struggling fiscally and clinically to take care of patients with chronic illness.

Attending ACP also reflects a shift in my career aspirations. For many years now, my interests in medicine have been varied. I’ve split my time, focusing on how I can make health systems better, how I can make trainees better (students/residents) and how I can make patients better. Fortunately, there are many good conferences out there (SGIM, AAIM) that can help academic physicians improve in all these aspects in one meeting.

But after many years as an academic physician, I’ve decided to consolidate my tripartite missions into the 2 things that initially got me interested in medicine; the science and the patients. And with this renewed sense of direction, ACP’s #IM2017 was a great start towards expanding my clinical knowledge and bringing it back to help improve the lives of my patients.

Despite this shift, there is a part of me that continues to want to work to make health systems better. There’s also a part of me that wants to continue to teach. Although an academic institution is the best place to do these things, I believe it can be done in different practice settings. Though students and residents are only found in academic places, “teaching” patients is just as gratifying!

I’ll always remember ACP #2017 as the start of a new chapter in my career. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience, and one that that reinvigorated my love for medicine and practicing primary care as an internist. I’m really excited to bring the latest in clinical innovation to the variety of wonderful and inspiring patients that I serve every day.

Next year, ACP’s annual meeting is in New Orleans! #IM2018

Shabbir Hossain MD FACP

Blending evidence based medicine with patient-centered care.




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