Happy New Year

2015, was a transitional year for me. After making the big move from New York to Texas, my family and I are finally feeling settled, unabashedly happy with our big decision. It wasn’t easy from a personal and professional standpoint to leave family, friends, colleagues, patients, medical students and residents. But after a year of getting acclimated, we can now look ahead to 2016 with a sense of comfort and excitement that we made the right decision and the future is very bright.

Here are the 5 things I’m looking forward to, professionally for 2016.

5: Getting back to Twitter. For many reasons, I drifted away from being active on Twitter. But I’ve started to miss the conversations with people from all over planet who have unique forward thinking perspectives on healthcare and medical education. I also miss the energy that comes from advocating for issues that I’m particularly passionate about such as modernizing healthcare, improving access to healthcare, medical education and voicing my political opinion against bigotry, xenophobia and politicians who want to divide this country. @shabbirhossain

4: Inspiring medical students and residents. I feel part of my job as a medical educator is to show and emphasize to our future doctors that our healthcare system is a mess. We need them to be excellent doctors, but also vocal advocates for improving the system. It’s simply not enough anymore to be a good doctor and work hard. The problems in our healthcare system demand more.

3: Thinking innovatively. I’m going to keep trying to look for small (and perhaps big) ways to practice medicine more innovatively. Medicine, for many reasons has evolved at a much slower pace than most other industries. I believe the system rewards dogma, tradition and self-preservation too much to allow people to think outside the box. It’s a daily struggle not to fall into the grind of simply doing things the way they’ve always been done. But I’m hopeful in 2016, I can get my mind back to thinking more about the future of medicine.

2: Reading. As physicians, we’re always reading. Journals, news articles, blogs etc. But I want to get back to reading more non-medical stuff. I regret not taking more advantage of my liberal arts education in college. The perspectives offered in non-medical literature are critical for a physician to understand people as well the world that exists outside the human body. For example, I’ve been wanting to finish reading Money ball. My hope was to understand Saber Metrics to get an idea of how statistics can be used to understand trends and reinventing “the game.”

1: The Patients: In my short time here, I’ve already been lucky to meet and take care of some incredible patients. This is the best part of being a primary care physician. I get to be a part of the lives of patients from so many different back grounds, each with their own unique story to tell. Young, old, men, women, healthy or sick. I get to see it all, do it all and it’s an incredible privilege.

Happy New Year to everyone and hope 2016 brings good health, peace and prosperity!




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