Denying Healthcare

It seems like whenever I listen to politicians, it’s all about denying people something. Denying refugees a chance at life has been a big point of emphasis recently for many of these would be leaders.

In healthcare too, politicians and other influential groups continue to use their clout and biased selfish ideals to deny people a chance to be healthy and take care of their bodies. Recent iterations of our healthcare “System” promoted a for-profit scheme that emphasized quantity instead of quality of care, while denying access to care those who need it the most and are at greatest risk ; immigrants, elderly, children, minorities, the poor and women.

The adoption of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), though not a perfect solution, is finally pushing the needle towards a model of care that’s inclusive, focusing on quality and giving access to those at greatest risk.

Despite signs of early success, the ACA continues to take fire from bellicose politicians who want to tear it down for their own political gain. Other critical forms of healthcare access, like Planned Parenthood continue to be targets of both politicians and terrorists. It’s a national shame that women are being denied access to healthcare  by both the edge of a sword and the edge of a pen held by male dominated leadership.

As someone in general medicine, every day I see the tremendous importance of providing access to comprehensive healthcare. It is a place people come for the pure purpose of wanting to be a healthier contributor to society, devoid of politics, judgment, racial, religious or gender bias. I’m proud to be able to provide that. I urge all of our politicians to recognize how important this is and become leaders that focus on giving to their constituents rather than denying them healthcare.







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