Gone but not forgotten

Haven’t written for a while.
But this blog is not forgotten.

Just a lot on the plate lately.

Here’s what I at least plan on writing on in subsequent blog posts

1: A general summary of my experience at ACP 2013.
Here’s a summary of a different type. A collection of my tweets on Storify.


2: Recently completed a survey study on our medical students here at Stony Brook University School of Medicine looking at social media use. The goal of the study was to gauge the students’ opinions on social media’s potential advantages and disadvantages for collaborative (group) learning.
There were some very interesting findings which I’ll definitely share here.

3: As always, there are interesting, inspiring stories to share from the patient care side of things.
Every patient is a potential incredible story.
4: My interest in digital health  has not weaned. I’m working on new collaborations with folks from different disciplines and expertise to bring innovation in medicine. This is a process and experience that will be worth discussing

5: For the first time, I’ve gotten involved with basic sciences curriculum development. Our medical school has begun the daunting task of completely reforming the 1st and 2nd year curriculum. It’s fascinating to hear what the basic science students want and are concerned about. As a clinician and patient advocate, it’s imperative that I (and other clinicians too) advocate for tools, experiences and skills that lead our students to become complete physicians. Despite the many excellent physicians we are producing, the traditional curriculum is not good enough.This is a multi-year process so I definitely plan to share this experience too.

6: We’re also starting a health literacy study in our resident clinic. Health Literacy is a major problem and barrier to making our interventions work. Hopefully, we come out with some good solutions that I can share here

7: Finally, as we look to July and our new interns, I’m in the process of implementing a weekly curriculum for our residents to help develop a different set of skills necessary to thrive in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) era of medicine. Our young physicians are growing up learning a style of medicine that doesn’t always translate well into themodern practice.

So a lot going on, but I feel truly fortunate to be in a position to participate in so much.

Also a quick shout out to my family.

Despite everything going on, it’s always about them.
Without them, there really is nothing. 🙂

A busy day, a hectic week, a crazy month.
Feeling Good


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