Top Ten Reasons Work is awesome today

So today, I come back to work after 2 weeks of paternity leave.

10: Great to work with an incredible group of Internal Medicine residents. Bright minds and even brighter future

9: Get to work with some really fun and energetic office and nursing staff who are not afraid to say whats on their minds

8: Seeing many different patients means seeing different perspectives on the health care system. This means more insight on coming up with innovative ways to improve the patient experience

7: Get to talk about my NY Giants with my buddy from the cleaning staff (Myron). He’s a cowboys fan 🙂

6: I get to talk to patients. I love to talk. Talking is fun. Conversation is basic human necessity and I thrive on it!

5: I get to continue to learn medicine. Even after years of training, I enjoy learning new things.

4: Work drives me to participate in social media. Tweeting, blogging, Healthtap. It’s all so much fun.

3: Our healthcare system is a disaster and Primary Care (my field of expertise) is under fire. I love a good fight!  The opportunity to create change in medicine is a privilege!

2: Truth is stranger than fiction. I love a good story. My day is filled with stories from patients who never cease to amaze me.

1: No better feeling than after a long hard days work, to open my front door and see my two beautiful kids and loving wife. I love coming home to my family.


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